Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Little Boy and his Magic

'Do you want to see some magic', he asked, his bright big eyes ripe with anticipation.

We passed the cigarette between us and continued discussing what should be the new strategy forward for the company, completely oblivious to the presence of the little boy almost pleading with us.

'I will show you good magic, only Rupees five', he pressed again even as S dismissed him with a wave of his hand. All this while we avoided making any eye contact with him; looking at him would not be as easy as it was to pretend that he wasn't present there and so needed no intervention from our side.

'Sir, my magic is good, only Rupees five. I am hungry', he said, looked at us still engrossed in our conversation and hiding behind the cloud of smoke. He moved on to another guy sitting on a scooter, who angrily scared the little kid away before he could even tell him how good his magic was.

I forgot all about him, till he came back again in my dreams and asked for money in exchange of some great magic so he could eat some food. I don't remember anymore if I agreed.


  1. Ouch! Its pathetic to ignore the hungry gazes they give you, you can see the sincere shimmer in some eyes though. Got one of the kind here :

  2. A good one as usual.. Emotional.. You are finding scope/plot to write with everything that happens around you and with you.. A true writer..!

  3. @crystal: Really liked your story! I agree its pathetic to ignore these gazes...I wonder why do we do it in the first place. Why not do something about them!

    @KP: Thanks, and yes it was very emotional for me (though I tried to keep the tone as bland as possible here)...

    @theothersideofme: Yes it is...

  4. Hmmm...things happen and we ignore it. Realisation hits late.
    Good one!

  5. This darn life, gives some, takes from some and some, well they wish if a magic could happen and they could start living a life.

    It hit me hard....

    The Blunt Blog

  6. The kid coming into your dream was the very magic!
    Now do pay him, when you 'haunt' the same spot and he turns up again.

  7. Life and its strange ways. Unfinished businesses always haunt in dreams. A very touchy post!

  8. Ohh oh man ... a great post ...such a feel

  9. @RedHanded: I agree...

    @Chintan: I too wish for some magic to happen, its painful to see the life the kids on the street live and the way we adults treat them...

    @lumuhuku: I think I will see the magic and even buy him food, but then what about his next meal?

    @Saru: Hmmm...

    @Jon: Thanks man! Glad to see you back on the blog :)

  10. A melancholic scoop of little incident that's so moving...Could sense that sympathy underlying the lines...sympathy or empathy...that's what makes us human...:-) Liked the silences in between the narrative...gently written but highly tangible!

  11. It breaks my heart to see toddlers, that reach up to knees, pulling the rim of my pants and begging for mercy.

    I can't even make eye-contact with the under privileged children because I was VERY spoilt as a child.. and yet, it is nothing but destiny that makes me a PhD candidate today.. and someone a mother at 14.

    somehow, the more westernized we get.. the more we lose our heart. It is plain sad.

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  13. We have so much, they have so less.
    But why children? Why is HE so cruel?

  14. I like how your writing style is compact and discreet with a titch of reality:)

    Following you here on :)

  15. I just wondered why no pic with this title of post, and then I realized its good u didn't... or may be you actually should have... making all ur readers THINK and let him haunt them too! for good! :)

  16. It is a sad state. Even if you do acknowledge the presence of the boy, even if you do hear him say that he will show good magic for Rs 5, will you watch him show his magic, will you judge him if his magic is good, will you still give him Rs 5...I know..that I wont. If I had to help him, may be I can give him some food...but by giving money..we are only supporting beggary. Its a difficult situation to be in..

  17. @Nasnin: Thanks a lot, however, my own inaction disturbs me. Sympathy as well empathy exists, but there is need to do so much more...

    @Express: Thanks a lot for the comment, and I can completely understand what you saying. The world of the privileged is so different, so Utopian for these small kids...

    @AskUmar: Sure!

  18. @PeeVee: Maybe He is cruel, and so are we...

    @Rahul: Thanks!

    @Priyanka: I am glad you like my writing; am yet to like it much. Working on it though :)

  19. @bhavin: Yes, maybe a picture could be here, but somehow I just couldn't bring myself to either click him or use his picture for a I was keen to keep the post to still be able to connect without obvious emotions!

    @Kunal: I agree, giving money wasn't gonna serve any purpose. Its not even a small meal for him...I often do buy food for kids who ask for money. Didn't give him any food though...maybe that's why the incident bothered me much. But what will one meal do? The hunger will be back by the time its time for the next one...

  20. The mind registered what your heart must have felt.

  21. wow , that was a good read... at times such incidents do haunt ..mmmm

  22. hit me, we do it so often but then attending to his request would not have solved his problem but just provided a temporary relief. I like the honesty with which you wrote this post.

  23. @Sh@s: I agree, it wont help...not sure what can be done still...


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