Saturday, November 29, 2008

Amit Dongre's Dead Dog - murdered by a loving neighbor!

He doesn't have a name, never had one. And he died this Thursday; a slow and agonizing death. After repeated attempts at forced suicide, it was finally smashed on the floor - the move expected to be the final blow. It still moves its legs, but I would like to believe that its dead already.

Some facts:

Owner: Amit Dongre
Home (or used-to-be-home): IDEA Product Design (A 304)
Food habits: MacD Burgers (Aalo Tikki)
Blood type: Well its unidentified as yet...
Sexual preferences: Well even that is unidentified as yet!

More facts can be added by others...


  1. Its not over till its over dude. The dog will rise from the ashes and haunt you with vengeance in its mind. It will not rest till it gives you equal or more amount of pain that you gave it!

  2. hahaha...i know u completely identify with all dead dogs!

    am not surprised though...u dongre!


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