Saturday, November 8, 2008

Convocation series - Bhavana & Aakash jury!

If not PD, I would've been in FVC! So it was natural for me to attend their classes (for a while in first semester), watch some interesting movies with them and attend their jury! This one is particularly interesting...this is Bhavana with hair and Akash as usual!

Both these people are very dear to me, espcially Bhavana...who became one of my closest friend in NID, somebody with whom I could really talk crap without really thinking much.


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  2. ouch! man, juries were painful! i have no clue what i'm saying. (and akash is looking equally dismal, wc he was whenever he was saddled with me for a partner. and that was often. this was the lighting exercise we had done in the 2nd sem.)

    u should have been in fvc. we could have won a couple of oscars together. and i would be convocating, if you had been.

    (and talk abt talking crap...we hardly ever talk to each other beyond leaving these ridiculous comments on blobs that i'm sure we're the only one's reading!)

  3. and may be some more people, like me, bhavin and few others occasionally ;)

  4. hahaha...i would have done well in fvc for sure :)

    and i thought there was plan of meeting up! whatever happened to that! am the sick one...u need to come and meet me! this goes for both of u!


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