Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apsaras on Earth...

Jannat has come down to NID right now. We already have a Meneka (and her daughter Shakuntala), a Rambha and of course a brand new Urvashi (Nidhi Dang has graciously decided to take Urvashi's form). With these pretty ladies there are of course a lot of other unwanted elements (including the current Dushyant).

Apart from that I would like to put it in writing that I detest Tea Kettles as of today. And harassment of mankind using this inappropriate product should be immediately banned! I know its a little out of context here, but I just wanted to pour my heart out...


  1. why!? why is the ketli biting you?
    (and ya, from rambha, shakuntala, har balaa, to 'tea kettles' did i come into all of this?..i'm certainly not one of the first and i haven't looked like a tea pot since i was 5!)

  2. i agree you are way too attractive to look like a teapot! its a different story which i may write soon; right now the apsaras are keeping us occupied here :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I thought Jannat was you, bhavana... thats why the other day i asked sid, if you are in NID these days...
    So, Sid, you are back at writing stories and soon you will be directing them and then the oscar nominations will follow.
    all the best with the kettles and their strange curves :)

  5. @muzayun: sid never has a jannat deficit!

    ya sid, atb with the kettles and their strange curves!

  6. @ bhavana: sid has a jannat deficit right now :)

    @muzayun: yes am aiming for oscars!


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