Friday, November 7, 2008

Convocation series - Mousumi, Pavan & Kiran

Its Mousumi, Pavan and Kiran this time. Two automibile people and the last one confused! brilliant interpersonal relationships, however, I shall not dwell into that. It may result in too many fire crackers post Diwali!


She is the first girl on campus I tried hitting on, and this was during the Studio tests. I got no bhaav and went back to Bangalore dejected. But we immediately became friends after college started, even took walks in the back-field back then and had long talks. Got to know a lot about Auroville and its night life from her during this phase. I was also a witness to the blossoming young romance between Mosh and Lov in the months to follow, again in the back-fields. We used to pull her leg a lot over her habit of collecting things and keeping them in her room. Guwahati and North-East Yatra was one of the most satisfying trips for me. I made her life difficult by insisting on eating vegetarian food at her place! However, it was the daaru we (mosh, muz and me) had in my room after 4th semester jury that I would remember the most (Bhavana actually caught us drunk also). We still remember and laugh about it. But with Mosh there is lots which is gray, things we don’t know…


The first time I saw him, all I wished for was that he shouldn’t be my room-mate! And bingo, I find him in my room a few days later. Mahesh and me were already there and had taken the side beds. However, things changed dramatically over the next few months and we became much closer, quite literally and publicly as well! Hahaha! I remember getting phone calls about heavy-weight championships in my common room between Mahesh and Pavan (and I would be called to mediate) and that kept a lot of fun in our listless lives. Pavan was also the only official DJ for the now defunct 'Mess Parties' from our batch. BIG PD junta used to be always there for his protection from the unruly crowd (oh maybe not the right subject to broach upon over here). Pavan is one tough looking guy, with a very soft heart. He is one person who would really go out of his way to help you out!


Where do I start with Kiran? We were always cordial to each other, but never really great friends especially in the first semester. He was also quite busy with some interesting women at that point of time. I guess his hospitalization during DCC bought a lot of us together, especially Sanjeev, Divya and me. There is a lot about him that I don’t know, and can’t think of asking as well (some rumours, some facts and some outright lies). Kiran also became an active class photographer once he got his camera (the one seen in his hands) along with Bhavin, by then I had almost stopped using my camera completely. Anyway, by the time we finished our final semester on campus, he had become one of my best friends, if not the closest. He gives a lot to a relationship and that puts him par with a lot of people. I can easily depend on him and ask him for favours (something I hate to do otherwise).


  1. tum to seriously senti ho rahe ho!

  2. but on second thoughts, the convo series- i like! :)

  3. trust me, certainly not senti! its just feel good most of the time. though not everything i write is not all that nice :)

  4. of course it's feel good :)i must say you have a seemingly huge collection of pics/ videos.

    Read your comment on my post. What's your list? I'm curious! There must be some for sure.

  5. dnt know why, got reminded of ur landmark forum and our discussions then. Sid How much part does our past (or memories of it), with respect to a particular relationship play in forming/shaping our relationship today? Or how much it should be actually? Is all the past just worth laughing at?
    (may be I am feeling dizzy right now!)

  6. I guess its impossible, maybe not even desirable to completely forget past. Past isn't always 'not good'. There is lots in pas that should be remembered and cherished. Sometimes even painful memories guide us better in future. Its very important to accept past and then move on. Sometimes taking it head-on is better than keeping it in the closet. But the key word is 'moving on'.

    There is lots in the past that can be laughed upon, but maybe not always by everyone. Sometimes these things are genuinely funny, sometimes only you see the humor based on your own memories from the incident. Very difficult to say where the line should be drawn...

  7. hey very nice pic of mausami. very picture frame.

  8. thanks, but mousumi is exceptionally photogenic, so I take little credit for that!


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