Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love, Sex aur Dhokha

The shock value of two couples sharing their naked pictures over the internet (DevD) is now passe, and the latest buzz is voyeurism. While DevD was convincing with characters who were common people like most of us, LSD pushes the comfort zone that a movie explores much further. You can't afford to watch the movie and blush. Everything is real, and the reality is dark, dirty and often ugly.

Sex often sells, but sex here just makes you uncomfortable. But you continue watching it further. That is the addictive part of voyeurism, you can easily get into people's lives and its often difficult to come out of it. Though we may never admit, there is often pleasure in knowing the dirt around.

The movie is a collection of three stories (each based on Love, Sex and Dhokha, in that order), often crossing paths and affecting each other. Each story has all three building elements (Love, Sex, Dhokha), but in varying degrees. And drawn from many real instances, the stories immediately connect with the viewer. Privacy takes a backseat as the stories progress, with the camera watching and recording almost everything. The protagonists are comfortable with leaving a digital footprint of their lives, often intimate and very personal, while some are even tricked into this. But the portrayal is chillingly convincing, helped by the fact that the entire movie is shot on a hand-held camera (or at least shown like that).

The movie paves the way for many more movies to come on subjects considered taboo right now. One can hope for the trend to continue.


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