Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am highly random today - in my conversations, in music (oscillating between John Devnver, Lagaan and Himesh's Radio), clothes that I am wearing, people I am conversing with and so on. I truly believe this is some sort of sickness. It has even infected my sketching practice (toilet paper dispenser, knee measuring device and ugly B&W butterflies).

Of course I am keeping it a BIG secret and behaving rather very normal. Maybe it is some sort of mental illness, some type that I can actually flaunt and make people green with jealousy. Something that everyone would want to have, and some may even fake to belong to the exclusive club. As a kid I always thought cancer was very exotic, Rajesh Khanna dying in Anand added to the glamour element of the illness.

However, I am not wasting time and have been constantly attempting to work since morning. Phones are ringing constantly, almost like a sarkari office.

Let me put an end to this randomness for now.

1 comment:

  1. Sid don't you think you have proved your randomness by writing this random post. :D


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