Tuesday, April 20, 2010

women and directions

Women are good with directions, especially due to the high entertainment quotient that comes with it. Its quite a sight to see them giving directions to a poor soul (certainly male) who is lost beyond words with interesting landmarks like some English medium school somewhere, a certain house number (when its complete darkness with no street light), a stationery white bus (invisible unless another vehicle throws light on it), a left turn somewhere and so on.

It can be frustrating too, but trust me its entertaining first. An offer by another male to explain these directions is always met with disapproving looks and almost threatening gestures. Its sane (apart from being safe) to just stand back and observe.

There are very very few women who are good with directions, Guddu is one while my jiju Vishal keeps getting lost often. Muzayun is another one who feels she is good with directions, landmarks etc and might even attempt murder if I even try to suggest otherwise.


  1. hmmm... i agree, even I have lot many memories associated with this issue.. I don't remember them though! ;)
    entertaining... yes, after the whole episode is over!


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