Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black Swan, a critique

Perfection is not just about control, its also about letting go...

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There is rarely a movie which completely blows you away, or lets say sweeps you off your feet. Black Swan both and much more, with an elegance which is sheer poetry.

Oh boy! what a ride it was watching the movie. It has a constant beat right from the beginning, weirdly your own body beat synchronizes with it and moves along as the movie progresses.

The real and the unreal/ surreal interplay throughout the movie, often with devastating consequences, and needless to say those are the parts which have the maximum impact. And mind you, these scenes have such audacious intensity that they also scare you to the core. I was often waiting for some such scenes to actually end, so that I could breathe easy. They are subtle, understated yet make your pulse run.

Natalie Portman is brilliant as Nina, often changing her form with the mood of the movie. It comes as no surprise that she has been winning every major laurel in the best actress category. Mila Kunis as Lily (Nina's part companion, part competitor) is brilliant too, you really do not know what to expect from her and that often drives the movie. Vincent Cassel who plays Thomas (the director of the play Black Swan in the movie) is good too, and gets to say possibly one of the best lines in the movie...Perfection is not just about control, its also about letting go...

Go watch the movie if its running at a theater near you, or just rent a DVD and see it on small screen. Either way, it would be an experience to remember.

For more details see the official website.


  1. Sounds like n intelligent and sincere piece of wrk!!!wl definitely watch it.

  2. Am dying to watch this movie. God knows whether they are planning to release it here!

    The tragic part is our movie distributors don't think twice before releasing duds like "Little Fockers" and "Green Hornet".

    Btw you have my vote. You deserve it.

  3. @Angie: Do not miss it!

    @Purba: I hope they do release it, though I saw it on my laptop. But yes its sad, most good movies never ever even get released here...

  4. Sid, what is this notable newbie award on your blog? tell me also

  5. hahaha...and I thought you would say something about the review :)

    Shall tell you about it soon ;)

  6. I'm glad you love it for the artistic value, everyone else I know like it because Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis kiss each other.

  7. @RenKiss: That can only be called unfortunate!

  8. Very good and interesting! Best regards.

  9. The movie really is wonderful, do watch it :)

  10. Yeah, 80% on rottentomatoes... I wanted to see this but my husband suggests we see something less emotional. One day, I will see this!


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