Saturday, January 1, 2011

The beginning...

As I struggle to write the first line for the new year, my thoughts keep going back to last year, an year of such unprecedented ups and downs. Everything passes, and time passes the fastest, no matter how much we try and hold it. This isn't happening right, am getting unnecessarily philosophical again...It was a great first day, a day spent with the people who are closest to me and the ones I truly love. Last year was different, I was all alone; in retrospect everything happens for the best. And last year reinforced my belief in the saying. It seems am writing a boring personal diary entry, and not my first blog post of the year. My struggle continues...As the charge in the laptop gets over, I struggle to bring this post to a premature end. 


  1. I find philosophical musings are important for taking stock of a personal journey. I am "guilty" of such "vices" occasionally.

  2. The first day of the life I'd like to live. Doesn't always happen the way we want, does it? Life has it's own twists and turns.

  3. Absolutely, never happens the way we want it to!

    But how it actually happens is often more interesting than what we had initially wanted...


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