Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mrs. Lili! Mrs. Lili! Mr. Lili! - Part I

Bohemian! Yes that's exactly how he described her to his friends the first time he saw her. Goes without saying that he was wrong, just as he almost always was with almost everything else, with an absolutely infallible consistency. She was an artist, which made it highly probable for his assumption to be correct, yet she was not a Bohemian. It was a 'Fancy Day for my Mom' competition at her daughter's school and she was dressed as a Central European gypsy.

He was the daughter's classmate and after that day always remembered Mrs. Lili as his first crush. His own mother was dressed as Cleopatra, and despite his persistent inquiries amongst his peers, he found none who had a crush on her. This left him highly disappointed with the state of things, and he felt shortchanged in life for having a mom no had had a crush on despite the Cleopatra attire. This, however, rapidly changed as soon as Mrs. Lili entered the humble school party hall dressed in her gypsy attire. He wasn't the only one found ogling at her, in fact he found her through the frozen glance of their Mathematics professor, Mr. Patel. The few men (and many boys) suddenly felt that visiting this party would certainly form the high point of this school term, while all women took affront to the stocking-less left leg on display. While the women internally debated the right length of left leg that could be displayed at a school party, men found their imaginations running wild gaping at the ample cleavage and other overflowing assets on display.

Mrs. Lili brought about a whole new revolution in their little town, the wave of change not noticed by anyone that particular evening, or even for weeks thereafter. The impact of her first public appearance was such that soon most men lost their sleep and became increasingly agitated with their dull, boring and meaningless lives. The next few weeks saw an alarming drop in males engaging in conjugally blissful activities with their partners. This, in turn, had the most unfavourable impact with a whole lot of dissatisfied and frustrated women, in desperate need of men who would show any interest in them.

Everything was absurdly odd. All the men wanted Mrs. Lili, and no one else. All the women wanted men, any men, but still found none interested in them anymore. What Mrs. Lili wanted remained unknown, but the odds against any possibility of her entertaining all the males who could participate in possibly mutually satisfying acts with her, remained dismally high. Of course no one realised this, they were all holed up in their own worlds, waiting for some reprieve.

No help came, and things got only worse in the coming few weeks.

So what do you think happens next? Do share your thoughts!


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