Sunday, December 5, 2010

i dream on...

Some moments forgotten, some remembered yet again,
Some words unsaid, a few desires unfulfilled,
Longing for that moment, the one frozen forever.
Thus, dreams are made...

They are not real, or so they say,
But sometimes they are as real as life itself,
Often even more,
For we chose them to be the life we want.

Oh! I behold the dead remnants of my past,
While they struggle to sway away.
I dream to keep the memories alive,
While my present insists that I give them away.
They are my dreams, the beautiful beautiful dreams of my imaginations,
But maybe its time to say goodbye,
For the beautiful new life to come my way...


  1. You said you are a designer. What about including "a poet" as well ? :-)

    Here you have enabled Name/url option.. May I ask why step motherly treatment for the other blog? :P

  2. Hahaha...I am work like a wannabe poet :) Been writing forever, started publishing only now...

    Trust me no step-motherly treatment to the other blog as well, they are both dear to me :)

  3. okay. :-)

    Let me check when I comment next time on that blog.

    Keep writing & posting too.


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