Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Alone on a deserted road, she cried that night,
As no cars drove past, and not even a bird took flight,
Already run over, over and over again,
Chances were little, of survival in sight.

She was clinging on, pushing herself on to the dark, rough gravel,
In the hope that someone will come, show mercy,
Unlike the day before, someone will help.
But that looked unlikely,
She was far from all life she had known,
Things were never so rough, she never so alone.

Lying naked, and completely forlorn,
She heard the faint noise of a grumpy motor,
Her eyes lit up, her hopes soared,
But the motor was in a hurry, for home was far.

'Ah! Another dog on the road!', thought he,
And wistfully drove away...


  1. that is sad if she wants to end her life, like that... no one is worth to be counted more than life. not even oneself..
    hope she being on the middle of the road is just a mistake, while crossing a highway.

  2. ah its a big long story, much of which is to be assumed, the clue lies in the title of the poem. of course, there could be many interpretations of the same words...

    i am a demanding poet-to-be :)

  3. And thats why i mentioned,
    no one is worth for a life taken away, even in romance. i am a demanding critic-to-be :). think about it.

    but the poetry has been formed nicely.
    especially thump! another dog

  4. thanks :D you are also a very encouraging critic!

    though in my original thoughts, there is no suicide, but your comment did make me think of this alternate scenario!


  5. :)..that's 'cause in you poem. there is an ascending level of sadness, as one reads. and when one comes to the end. it almost seems like ohh god she was so sad that she/he just lost it.

  6. hmmm...yes, there is an ascent in the sadness factor. thanks for being observant, am honoured :)

  7. sad that fellow beings don't care about each other. and the agony of wht one goes thru can't be explained in words. well written, tangible and powerful :)


  8. Hey! Such an ending! I can not breathe myself.
    Beautifully disturbing!


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