Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When there is little to post, one ends up losing it!

Here are a set of images from office again. Tej has been working hard, and this is his way of releasing the frustration. Do have a look at the video, many of us appear to be enjoying this mad mad display of potential molestation and un-office-like behaviour!

Warning: PG Rating, it is recommended that kids and those with a weak heart do not go any further, unless accompanied by an adult/ well-wisher, and certainly never in presence of the esteemed Mr. Tej himself!

Ah...the kiss!

The fetish seen here is the surgical glove used while working on foam in the workshop.

p.s. Photo credits Vishakha and me!


  1. you should have asked Utkarsh for some footage as well... :D

  2. I wish Utkarsh was there too, but he flatly refused to be a part of it all :(

  3. hahahaha..nice One....Live footage was much more interesting...


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