Monday, December 13, 2010

cold. within, without

I feel the cold,
And I feel it alone,
The winter fog surrounds me, covers me almost,
Looking around into the sheet of whiteness, 
I try to escape, yet she stops me,
The blankness.

It wasn't this cold yesterday,
Or the day before.
But today, I feel the chill,
Like an overdue cold long night,
Unsurprisingly violent, yet so very still.

They say its the cold outside,
Something else, I hear within,
Unwilling to accept the truth,
Continue to struggle, I continue the fight,
Seeking the elusive warmth,
I find it all gone, just the cold inside.


  1. mmm..!You seem to be quite a personality.. Liked your poems..Keep writing..!

  2. Hey!!!! Beautifully written. liked "White Paper" as well.

  3. Great!! It`s still cold here too.. -10 degress.
    Thanks for your nice comment, wish you a wonderful weekend:-)

  4. @angie: thanks a lot :)

    @spiderdama: -10 degrees is just too cold to imagine, i think i would just be numb!!!


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