Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The New Postulate of Evolution

This isn’t meant to be a funny post at all, but a very personal yet informative one.

I have a postulate on the evolution of mankind, not the evolution that has already happened and described in detail by Darwin and others, but the one that is yet to take place. Going forward there is a high potential that the path of evolution suggested below is actually followed and we will end up at an exotic, yet surprising place.

It’s a matter of grave concern that I have been selected by nature to lead this chain of evolution. I can’t really be called the chose one, because there is nothing particularly nice about my current state. But I am trying to adjust to the changes, however unsuccessfully.

The first of the changes is the development of scales, starting with my hands. The process started a while back, and it’s only now that it’s bearing fruits. Why scales, and why specifically on hands? Because it’s my hands that shall touch water first, when it’s the time for me to retire into the ocean/ sea/ river/ lake (this has not been revealed to me yet). It would be very important then for me to enjoy the experience in the first go itself, if I do not then I might decide not to go inside the water at all, thereby destabilizing the whole mechanism of evolution as planned by nature. With scales on me, I would love water and enjoy it just like a fish.

It’s my belief that soon I shall develop gills as well, followed by transformation of my hands into fins, apart from other necessary changes. Its unlikely nature will choose me to become a very furry merman (mermaid’s partner), so I might just have to make do with a Tuna avatar. This might be nature’s way of taking a revenge on me for not liking Tuna enough while I was still human.

It was difficult as first to accept these changes, but now I am trying to accept them and move on in life and finally into water. You got it right! The evolution will take us back into water and I shall lead the charge of the entire human race. It’s only fair, though am not exactly sure if we would finally end up being the famed blue-green algae and if the cycle of evolution will start all over again after that.

But one thing is sure; we are going to be fish soon.


  1. Why not an evolved spirit having a good laugh from above?

  2. I always thought that we would evolve into birds instead......but ur idea doesnt sound bad either. Least it'll end all the water woes!!!! :))

  3. @Purba: What will happen to the ever-growing scales???

    @Vyazz: I agree birds is more exotic, I still worry about breathing with skies are more welcoming :)

  4. Hey, fish swim, eat and excrete in the same surroundings. But its good to know that you are the chosen one representing the next stage of evolution.

    My word verification is weird. It says undeadis.


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