Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Manohar. Sita. Ram.

This is a three part series, read the first part and the second part as well, the order isn't paramount.


Manoharlal looked up from under the weight of mighty Khaba, his most illustrious student who had now become adept at defeating him occasionally. Manoharlal had seen Sita often in the past as she purchased vegetables outside his akhara, and had always wondered how she would look and feel in a voracious mud-wrestling match with him. This made it all the more embarrassing for him today, as he lay helpless and defenseless under Khaba.

Later as they sipped chai together in his room at the back of this akhara, she made a highly unusual set of demands. She said that she needed to test him before she could explain her plan to him and take the matters forward. For Manoharlal, the next hour was spent in ecstasy. The number and depth of bites all over his body forced him to excuse himself from wrestling for the next two weeks, but that day he passed the test with his commendable hour long performance. There were three things Sita wanted - to teach her wrestling, to help her husband last and finally if everything failed, take the matters to another level of intimacy and devilishness. He was too exhausted and excited to disagree.

Ram was a difficult student. He refused to let Manoharlal teach him anything at all in the beginning. He was shy, and refused to believe that there could possibly be anything wrong with him, till one day Manoharlal was forced to give him a demonstration; his obsession for Sita's unmatched assets took hold over everything, including his own self respect. Ram was an obedient student after that, but a no-learner. Nothing worked on him, and nothing helped his abject performance in bed. But not everything was well in Manohar's personal life as well. He was torn between his insatiable lust for Sita and his unquenchable desire to be a useful teacher to Ram. Sita continued to visit him under the guise of learning wrestling, though their playground was not the akhara, but his hot, humid and dingy room.

Soon it was clear that Manoharlal could possibly not be of any use to Ram, his progress was so slow that it would be years before he would be able to satisfy the killing lust of his wife. And it wasn't long afterward that Siat visited him and demanded her final wish to be fulfilled, an incident which reminded him of Queen Kaikai's silly argument with King Dashrath over Sri Ram in Ramayana. Manohar relented.

That fateful night, as Ram walked out naked with a very satisfied smile on his face, Manohar jumped from behind and quickly choked him to death with his famous khooni wrestling move. As Ram's body became in lifeless in his arms, Sita also came out, stark naked and with blood-red eyes. She slowly moved her hands all over his soft and dead body, while hot tears flowed continuously down her cheeks.

They had both loved Ram in their own ways, and it was heart-breaking to lose him like this.


  1. read all the three... awesome yaar!

  2. I must say that you have a knack of narration. A story A story that could have been straight out of a bollywood flick and quickly degrade to B level was exceptionally handled. For once I thought I might lose the battle between the content and the imagination the story brought forward. Thankfully I have my conscience intact. Exceptionally well written story! :-)

  3. Now I have to complete the series- Compelling, unconventional narrative.

  4. @Mayur: Thanks a ton, very flattering feedback indeed :)

    @Purba: Thank you!

  5. I know why...you have a problem with all the Hindu names :)

  6. ;) you don't want to know true criticism. Go back and read this all. Paraphrase and you will find, how one does not absorb much...

  7. i do not mind criticism, but wish it was more constructive and not given just for the sake of giving it! Just a word 'Boring' conveys little.

    Anyway I have taken your critism now :)

  8. yes. make criticism as a way to you to be successful someday


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