Friday, July 30, 2010

Smart Guard and Security Services

Plus there is a roaring lion and a Suryavanshi emblem.

I guess the guy (or maybe the dame) who started this company has a direct lineage from the Suryavanshi clan. And Lion obviously looks good, perhaps even to convey that they are not dogs (often dogs who bark and snarl, do not bite). These guys also bite.

This makes me feel very relieved about the security offered at our office space. We are safe because we are guarded by guards who are trained (presumably) by someone whose ancestors were Survayanshis. Lord Rama is perhaps the most well known Suryavanshi, but there are many others like Manu, Harishchandra and Sumitra (the last king of Ayodhya from this dynasty).

Suryavanshi was also a movie which starred Salman Khan and was released way back in 1992. The female lead was Sheeba (an import from Middle East) and his antagonist was Amrita Singh (ex-wife of Saif Ali Khan). Before its release, it was quite an eagerly awaited movie but ended up as a disaster at the box-office. I, however, remember enjoying the movie completely.


  1. Which security at office you're talking about?

  2. and what/who are you guarded from?

    this pic says a lot about security guards scenario!

  3. @ashish: yes yaar office waale...

    @bhavin: hahaha...we also have some like these, actually most like these; though i never quite doubt their strength :)

  4. yes...can't agree more with u.
    am glad u saw it though :)


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