Thursday, July 1, 2010

WnM - shoes

W: We need to go shopping today, I have a gift voucher for Rs. 100
M: Oh!
W: I can buy some footwear.
M: Oh!
W: Its a shop I love. And you don't have a choice.
M: Oh!
After a pause.
M: You mean hawai-chappals ala Bata chappals?
W: Are you mad? I was thinking of buying some cool chic footwear, something cheap and within 1K as the voucher amount isn't exactly huge.
M look around at least about 10 pairs of sandals, chappals, shoes and wonders why!
M: But you surely don't need another pair right away?
W glares, M backs off. Sweat is building on M's forehead. And the wind has stopped blowing. M is regretting everything he said.
W: You don't even know what I need now! So much for knowing me and caring for me. I want a black one with heels!!!
M looks around at three pairs which fit the exact description, including one bought from the same shop a few months back. M decides to remain silent. Smart.
M: I think its an awesome idea honey.
At this point W leans over suggestively over M, M thanks Cosmopolitan!

Moral of the story: Read women's magazines for disaster management tips.


  1. really???
    hahahaha...i would say poor M :)

  2. this is interesting...

    i can't agree more with this :D

  3. hahahahaha....
    one more study hints at similar thing.... or why M fails to understand W's 'need/want'!

  4. hahahhaa.....I really like these W n M series. It reminds me of one of my friends from engg days. well written Siddhartha. Please write some more like these...


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