Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Switching Time Off

Sometimes you do not want to know the time, you may not necessarily wish for the time to stop, but you may just want it to be unknown to you. As if nothing like time exists.

You do not want to know if its day or night outside. If its the time for the morning newspaper, or the lunch, or afternoon tea, or dinner. If its the time when your neighbours come back home, or when they take their dogs out for a walk. Or if its the time to sleep.

You do not know if its the time to cuddle up with you loved one, or if its the time to make love. Or time for midnight coffee break. Or the time when you want to be alone, in a dark room looking at the walls and blank in your head.

Can we really escape time? Do we need to? Want to? Sometimes maybe?


  1. I think that would depend on your definition of time. :)

  2. i guess u r right...but i mean the literal time here. the one that keeps ticking away all the time...

  3. It has happened to me, I believe I understand what you're talking about... Time is one of my weak spots, haha.

    I believe that escaping time once in a while is good, we never get to ESCAPE, i know as time is always there... however we are able to forget about it for a while. It surely is refreshing!

  4. yes time is weird, its always moving and moving and moving. but we all want to sometimes go ahead in future, or go back to the past or even stop the moment, at different points of time in our lives.

    but it would be quite something if suddenly time ceases to exist. how different things would be then...

  5. Yes we can be in vacant or in pensive mood like Wordsworth : look at the blank wall or look at the lovely daffodils : the choice is always there!
    BTW, I am Rama from Bangalore, I came to your page while just blog hopping. I have written about Time, come and read it if you feel like. Bye.

  6. Do u guys miss something in ur life?
    Do u want to be someone?
    Do u want to finish off some/many things?
    I believe these are the things that give existence to time.
    Feel free, enjoy what you do, desire less,then time will eventually stop bothering you.
    Take control of life in your hands only, and time will sieze.I try alot to do that,and it really works.

    p.s. yesterday, I watched a movie "Into the wild"......i hope u will find ur answer by watching it.


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