Monday, July 5, 2010

WnM - jewelry purchase

W and M have gone out shopping, due to some constraints at home.
W wants to buy ear-studs from an old mini-shop. M needs to stand by her.

W: I am telling you bhaiya, the diamond (of course fake) will come off very soon.
Shopkeeper: No madam, I am telling you this will not come off.
W: But I am telling you that this will surely come off.
W looks at M for support. M immediately comes to her defense.
M: Yes bhaiya, this will surely come off.
Shopkeeper: No madam, this won't come off.
Shopkeeper completely ignores M, M feels dejected and looks around at a pissing cow.
W: Show me some more designs. Something in gold.
W and shopkeeper discuss designs, weather, and prices. Soon M goes back to her initial apprehensions.
W: But bhaiya, I know the diamond will come off.
Shopkeeper: No madam, my guarantee this won't come off.
W: I know!!! You think I have grown this old without knowing anything.
Shopkeeper: Trust me madam, even after six months if this comes off, I will come and replace it for you.
W: So you also think this might come off then?
Shopkeeper: No madam, this will never come off.
W: Are you sure?
Shopkeeper: Yes madam, this is my promise.
W and Shopkeeper start looking at a few more designs, discussing designs that all look the same. M is wondering if more animals will come and shit/ piss/ make faces/ eat newspapers. W is now ready to pay the money, but she has one last question.
W: Bhaiya are you sure, this won't come off?
Shopkeeper: Yes madam, I am very sure.
W: But my experience says otherwise. I am not sure.
At this point the studs are already in her ears, and has even paid the money.
Shopkeeper: I already told you, I am just a phone call away.
W: True, but I have always seen these diamonds falling off soon after the purchase.
Shopkeeper: No madam, not the ones I sell.
W: Are you really sure?
Shopkeeper: Yes madam.
M is already pulling out his hair, though only in his head.

Moral of the story: DO NOT accompany W for shopping, especially when the aim is to buy jewelery!
Make sure you take her out shopping on a day when the mood swings are extreme, and let the shopkeeper take the impact!

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