Monday, December 21, 2009

2000 - the beginning of a decade

I never thought of the year 2000 as the first year of a new decade. Now that the decade is finally ending, I am trying to recollect what made the last ten years special, not just for me, but also for people around me.

Decade is just a man-made term, but recollections are intrinsically inbuilt in each one of us, but often we forget looking back and looking within...

Here are some feedback from some of the people that were asked this question...

Sachin Rathod: broke a bone
Salil Bhargava: had my first cigarette
Divya Dave: made two very special friends that year
Abhinash Mohanty: started with NID
Ankush Sabharwal: maybe i saw my first xxx porn
Manoj AG: used a condom for the first time
Shruti Raheja: well i for one I didn't do so well in my exams, I did an internship with ABN AMRO, I worked with an architect....and yet I knew this wasn't my calling.....
Shweta Saxena: i got into architecture
Sanjeev behera: I would say the friendship was the most significant thing to happen in my life in 2000
Utkarsh Gautam: didn't get through any entrance exam
Subodh Gyan: i joined first job in my life
Ashish Shah: we had shifted to our new apartment!
Amarnath Shaw: my elder brother made me realized how important it is to study and study with a purpose
Sana Pundeer: probably the first time i got asked out
Suchitra Agarwal: i gt through nift
Ravi: i was in orissa and didn't see any of my family members for the whole year for the fist time in life
Varun Srivastava: started the year with a bang at the Essel World in Mumbai
Neha: 10th board exams
Vivek: i scored 92.5% in PCM so got through engineering in the first round unlike others
Nachiketa: scored the highest marks in hindi 10th board exams
Amrita Singh: me and my group won the first prize in dumb charades, just by luck :)
Mohammad Farag: I dropped college and focused on work...which was a life shift...
Sara Bani: i think i met my best friend the one i have even now - ambra
Anand Bhushan: i went from curvy queen latifah to anorexic chic kate moss! and 2000 had the midriff making a comeback! sigh! i miss 2000!


  1. but you havn't ask this question from yourself...thats not fair :)

    so sid wats your answer for your own question.

  2. i think i had my first major crush this year...

  3. hahaha! I just saw d list and was wondering wht wud i have added and surprisingly here in d comments i c d same ans being given by you! :)


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