Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Another year...that's what it was for me. Can't think of anything so significant, someone proposed to me in college and I had no clue how to respond, so I promptly said no :) I got my first job that year with TVS Motors, where I joined the next year. Quite a dull year, but not so dull for many...

Amit Dongre: i think my ex gf was my gf then and we had a 'good' time
Shilpi Yadav: i was in college first year n had changed my eye color to grey
Janak Raghuraman: the only thing I can think about was going to JNCASR for the summer..
Bhavya Kamaliya: i was sick of a mad girl n got over being frndz with her.......she was a sicko....bitch.....
Ashish Shah: had topped in 2001 and was ranked all india 6th
Shweta Suthar: i had lost my drawing the final one my dad had left them behind the auto and i had a final jury 3 days later
Divya Dave: joined an entrance exam preparation class for architecture and had an amazing time for one full month, though i stood 4th in the state, i never thought about taking it up as a career even then
Vikram: got to know about the field of architecture
Utkarsh Gautam: gone to mumbai first time with my mom for engg. admission then again alone :) also first time on such a long journey, and first time in mumbai locals
Krity Gera: i started drinking in year 2001 on valentine's day
Jilesh Patel: in 2001 I was free, virgin and careless and in the same year I got married, lost my virginity :-( and started think about life
Ankush Sabharwal: 2001 was most probably working on the college mad mag; we made it from scratch, even did the layout and got the printing done and my fave chick in college ran off with another guy
Amrita Singh: my sister got married during this year and i didn't need to give my pre-board exam of +12 because of that!
Kiran Gaikwad: i enjoyed my love life
Tripti Sethi: preparing for ingenium...
Bindhu Malini: made music for the college play, was madly in love, was part of a great tamil play on war, was almost failing in class, was deeply immersed in NCC and went on the mad crazy magnificent trip to Orissa
Shweta Saxena: i was threatened by a junior when i ragged her in college, but fortunately i escaped :)
Anand Bhushan: 2001 was the year when i got drunk for the first time!!!! had my first cigarette! have rockin sex! attended my first fashion week!!!!! went to a gay bar for the first time! danced on tabletops in goa! phew!!!!! i loved 2001....!!!!!!
Vivek Bangde: saw an amazing gal...surabhi...
Guru Charan Das: I topped in 5th sem, got 82%
Aparna Rajgopalan: i finished school! and i was HAPPY and RELIEVED to be done with it!
Muzayun: did lots of louis khan sheets - architects would know what would that do to you, had my first officially month long night out sessions in the design studios. love was sinking me in, and i was soon on the train's track.


  1. oh!a round up of each year! :D

    now that you are mentioning this, the realisation that it's going to be a "decade" since the "new millennium"- is slowly sinking in!

  2. mannn... two posts, a long list of people telling something special.... makes me doubt if I actually existed in these years!!!
    Everything interesting seems to have happened either till 1999 or after 2003!!! All I did during those non-interesting days was ENGINEERING! Yes even my major first crush, but the interesting part is for 2003.

  3. Dude!!

    Where is Janak Raghuraman???

  4. @parishit: he is in US as of now, married and settled down. not sure which city though.


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