Friday, December 25, 2009


The year did set up lots that was to follow in future. I failed at my first attempt to enter NID, but decided to try again. Saw friends falling in and falling out of love all around me, it was all kind of uncanny. Had lost all interest in work, but still continued to be the blue eyed boy in my dept.

Bangalore was nice as usual, and we explored many food joints and other places like Rangashankara etc. Guddu got pregnant, and I had my first stint with cooking.

A rather uneventful year, actually.


  1. interesting.. you are remembering old days.
    the one with 2001, 2002.. are those few secrets by those friends .. well if so , its more interesting..
    why does it feel from all these posts, that you are looking for a real adventure or a breakout from present time....

  2. hmmm...i have no idea why am doing this :) but its interesting to back the memory lanes, especially when u go there with ur friends as well :)


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