Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Water Bearer - Aquarius

My loyal mug!

This is what I see right now, an empty mug of tea. Many reflections about this drink, starting from how I started drinking it in the first place keep coming back to me from time to time. But what I see today is less of reflection, and more of print. I wonder how much of this is actually true/ applicable to me, but here it is.

The Water Bearer - Aquarius

The independent Aquarian tends to have fixed and positive opinions whilst at the same time being tolerant to the ideas of others. Aquarians make good friends and like to be of service to others although they are unforgiving to those who deceive them and often need solitude to pursue their chosen interest. The idealistic Aquarian, however, should beware of making ambitious plans which are seldom completed.

Sign - water waves
Planet - Uranus
Element - Air
Stone - Amethyst
Metal - Aluminium
Colours - Purple, Turquoise, Gray, Black
Flowers - Orchid
Herbs - Valerian
Suitable careers - Scientist, Lecturer, Translator, Entertainer (sadly no designer here)


  1. purple and turquoise! interesting! so when u shop next time, do remember these colours...
    ohh and most important..
    i think there is no or very less drinking water at home Mr. water bearer!

  2. why only these colors? there are two more :)

    and being the water bearer, i will fill the big container today :)


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