Monday, December 14, 2009

Love Handles

Unlike the name itself, Love Handles have a rather bland meaning - excess fat around the waistline. A quick net research did not give any information on the origin of this rather interesting word. Perhaps this could be it - Bunches of excess fat at the waist, which one’s lover can grasp.

Like most fat on the body, Love Handles are also made of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy; it also cushions and insulates vital organs. This is the best possible reason for having these, apart from the one (the ergonomic one) mentioned above.

There are numerous websites and videos with step by step guide to reduce these, however, most experts agree that spot reductions are impossible to achieve. Most still continue to try and often fail miserably.

Here are some images of these infamous and rather undesirable (for most) bulges of excess fat.

I can see this is an extremely boring post, and am rather keen on making it much more spicy. I have added a bit of masala through the images above, however, talking more on this could be positively risky!


  1. ooh, that's the reason why you started playing tennis!! ;P

  2. Hmm nice description but pics are not visible :(.
    Anyway i was just wondering what could be the possible outcome to your L handles if your other half/lover is somebody with weight in the range of 100-150kgs ??

  3. @ashish: tennis! even that hasn't helped much :)

    @urkarsh: 150 kgs??? trust me...that won't ever happen!


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