Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flamingo dance/ Weddings/ Disaster

One of the most challenging things about attending an Indian marriage is the dance that precedes the actually marriage ceremony, especially if you belong to the groom's side. One requires special training in a sort of dance, which curiously reminds one of desperate flamingos dancing to attract the females and failing badly. This usually happens in the baraat and no one is generally spared, most of the times not even the groom.

Men and sometimes women look not only funny (and of course 'wannabe flamingos'), but also become the centre of attraction for the onlookers. A very entertaining site indeed, if you are not a part of the flamingo pack!

Of course there are varieties of birdies running and jumping around on the road ahead of the poor ghodi! There are some trained ones, Abhishek Singh and Vivek Bangde types, who dance confidently and lead the flamingo pack. Pro marriage dancers like them are needed to save the pack. Then there are some like Mahesh, who dance in their own world. They don't care even if the female flamingo doesn't look at them, they are like sufis...aiming for direct connection with the almighty with their flamingo dance (though its rather difficult to explain why the do this in a baraat). Then there is another type which dances for a second and then goes back in the background (clicking snaps, screaming to make conversations with fellow dancers, messaging on phone and so on); Vivek Amberkar falls in this category. And then there are some really stupid ones, who insist on dancing all through the baraat, without any idea of what they are doing, jumping around like ducks let loose on a beach trying to fly off, when chased by beach dragons - I am a certified member of this gang, maybe Bhavin also comes close. We are the funniest to watch but still insist on dancing - aankhir yaar ki shaadi hai!

There is nothing more embarrassing than looking at your own video dancing in a baraat. The only way to avoid this is by avoiding the baraat itself, a monumental task by itself! Of course one also has to then bear the wrath of the groom/ friends/ family etc.

I am looking for suggestions on how to make the most of this flamingo dance in the next wedding I attend. Are there coaching classes for something like this? In Ahmedbaad, maybe? I am willing to go to Mumbai also to master this art, provided someone is willing to help a log of wood like me. Any suggestions?


  1. hahahahah... too good mannn..
    loved the description...
    and yes, Poorva has already put both of us in the last category! So you are right.. hahahah..
    and where did you get to see the video? (not that I am interested!!)
    for classes, let me know if there is any...

  2. btw, one observation... a loosly fitting (?) kurta makes the body moving inside, look really disgusting... without giving any idea of what exactly is happening!!!

  3. :) really nice written Sid, I would be in the same category of Vivek Amberkar or you depends on the situation and public around the barrat if i would be there. Though I have gone thro same situation here at office when everybody was dancing in my farewell party and i was not dancing at all, So i think i also want to join such classes if available anywhere.... But there are some very easy steps which i learned some how(taught here by my office colleague)like "Rassi khech","chapati making" etc... at least i can taught u all those :)

  4. @ i dont know what to say...maybe we should hit the gym before the next wedding :)

    @ kiran: i've never seen u dance, pls make sure u come for the next wedding. i will categorize u then :)

  5. :) nice nice sid. i put myself along with you :) cant move and badly in need of classes group :), guess we might not even get picked as you need basic ability atleast :)

  6. @ muzayun: i know u dance better :( and its utterly mean to suggest that we won't even pass the basic requirements. btw that has happened to me once in was almost depressing :)

  7. oh! I missed d dancing flamingoes dere but somehow up here all dese guys in d barats are trained dancer sorts so nt much of an issue... i guess d spirit matters more than d graceful moves ;).. i am nt a gr8 dancer either but spent most of time in previous two weddings dancing.. u cnt escape it and it's lot of fun specially bhangra.. u dnt really need any classes 4 tht just sum basics nd dere u r..dancing away to glory!:)

  8. Hi Guys,
    Great News for upcoming Birds and other creatures! There are a lot of classes out there to train you. Twice a week for a month or two is all you guys need. There are professionals like instructors of Shamik Davar dance Academy or Spin Academy in A'bad.They claim to make anybody at any age, dance like a pro. Or you can have somebody come home and teach you steps personally. We did that at my brother's wedding! It was fun and hilarious too. And also there is this episode on TV called Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan. Who is out there every week teaching steps on wedding numbers....
    it is hard work but worth the try i would say ;)
    Happy Dancing!!

  9. Sid there is one more wedding, Manish Kumar's at Lucknow. He asked me to Dance like MJ., ....?...come to Lucknow sid.

  10. Ohh I loved the description.. I am just laughing since i started reading the post! very good one :) i was actually imagine how u all were dancing :) even i will join with u sid learn this dance ...


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