Thursday, December 17, 2009

a december morning...

4 traffic policemen keenly looking at the road to catch any traffic offenders and a bike with three men (none with the mandatory helmets) zoom past them and into the BRTS lane to cross the road. Surprisingly they didn't even look at the bike or the bikers. I was impressed.

An old woman crossed the road wearing a khakhi saree outside Dharnidhar derasar, and for a second I thought it was again a traffic constable albeit with a stoop. Another was a car with a big red L, whose driver was adamant about not letting anyone overtake his mighty car; a few lucky men on their cycles did, however, manage to speak past him.

A couple of cars almost crashed on the Shyamal crossroads, leading to heated arguments and lots of early morning commotion; nothing new here though. No fist-fights, so I didn't bother to stop and enjoy the scene, unlike many other fellow bikers.

Again looked at the numerous neem trees and their highly useful leaves. I used to extremely regular with them before Italy, never touched again them after that. Wonder how to inspire myself again for that.

Saw loads of food on the way, especially outside Prahlad Nagar garden, didn't stop to pick any. A couple fondling on the bike parked outside the garden looked up at me, and gave absolutely no expression. I was at least expecting irritation. Nothing at all was kind of weird.


  1. irritated persons are never been given an irritated look!!

  2. Hey thats a good variety but somehow there is nothing 'decembery' about it. It could well be any other month of the year! Anyways ahmedabad doesn't even get cold for it to differ! ;)

  3. @ashish: r u still thinking abt the birthday bumps? rolf...

    @nidhi: yes u r right...its almost a random collection of events on a morning. though i felt it to be cold on the bike, it doesn't reflect here. and yes ahmedabad never gets so cold for the morning happenings on the roads to reflect that...


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