Thursday, December 31, 2009


A collection of recollections about the year that just went by from some of the people I know...

Neha Pandey: my marriage
Shweta Suthar: otherwise most amazing thing happend in my life is that everything has got back to zero . i gave up my house i love the most, i gave up my marriage, job. so for me its like a new life!
Vivek Bangde: Sapna got married and my niece Siya was born close to my birthday
Aparna Rajgopalan: oh i turned 25 :P although i don't feel i have accomplished anything yet
Shadi Lahham: the day i met my gf
Divya Dave: my marriage
Guru Charan Das: joined in Warwick
Sachin Rathod: my CAR
Sana Pundeer: when my first freelance project completed successfully... in goa!! and when my best friend name her baby after me!
Bhavin Mali: I learned that whatever u do, it's absolutely impossible to stop loving someone... if u try like I did, u just end up wasting time....
Kaushik Sarkar: getting a male pet dog home
Neha Nahata: new job
Abhishek Majumdar: Designdaku!
Shivani Gakkar: after all these years of studying, i finally started working
Sara Bani: i lost a very important person and/but found my to-be-husband
Devesh Mistry: had gone to tokyo saw a new culture and met ppl. ... worked finally on a real car project and its coming out in the expo.... n we bought a new car...
Pavan Misra: getting married.... :D


  1. and what bout you? Dnt tell I went to Italy and all.. everybody knows that... ;)

  2. Sabse interesting and funny 2009 mera hi tha.

  3. where are 2005 -2006 - 2007 - 2008.... i was waiting for them...:)

  4. @ nikita: i will update those as well...hopefully soon...


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