Wednesday, December 23, 2009


2002 was quite an important year for me. It started with preparations for Ingenium, but the riots kind of derailed process. The riots also in a way defined not just that year, but many more to come. I questioned things a lot, and got only a few answers. Discarded some friends, the realisations were brutal...

College finished and started with my very first job. Started bloating with excessive rice in Hosur, and made some lasting friends from the GET group there. Learnt about the Gilbert's Syndrome, and perhaps for the first time got comfortable with computers.

Some people had even more interesting lives, while some had a dull year. A few views are shared below...

Bhavin Mali: may be that was the year when my frnd gave me a tiny photo of my first major crush which i had in my wallet till I came to NID!!
Amit Dongre: my first break-up, also met taru
Sana Pundeer: i discovered that i loved sculpting
Ashish Shah: had a major crush on the gal i liked the most.... was gathering some guts from few months to propose her n came to know that she already was into relationship just before a month... :(
Vijay Rajan: oh yeah my trip to goa with college friends
Samreth Singh: cheated for the first and last time? well first at least, last i dunno!
Shivani Gakkar: studied abnormal psychology and hindu philosophy and got totally mindfucked but enjoyed it, had an awesome time singing in college fests
Arpit Agarwal: "unsuccessful at everything attempted"
Sachin Rathod: i went to Amritsar for our annual Architectural Festival called NASA, and my team won a trophy there
Anand Bhushan: Definitely the most iconic year of this decade!!!! Christina Aguilera's album Stripped had released and the fashionistas went berserk!!! Fake Tans, Deadlock Hair, Pierced Navels, G- Strings were all the order of the day! Every boy and girl in my college that time began to cultivate a more sexually provocative image of themselves! Basically we got Dirrrrrrrrrrrrrty!!!!!
Divya Dave: i rode yamaha rx 100 and since then became my favorite bike :)
Abhishek Singh: i scored 3 goals in the football finals...
Namya Kapadia: i met with an accident just before a party, but still danced and had fun :)
Anuj Sharma: my first visit for study
Sudhir Bania: bike trip from Mumbai to Dahanu...a 20 km stretch along the sea coast...
Abhishek Majumdar:
riding a bike in the rain with make-shift raincoat made from plastic sheets on my way from a construction site
Mousumi Biswas: me going to manali for three days on 26th
Apurba Pawar: "i grew up"
Ankur Sharma: had to run away with two damsels in distress in the middle of the night to save them from the local goons inf bangalore...
Muzayun: many of my firsts - my first train travel all alone, bangalore first time in life and i had my first mobile phone, my first cheers whatever you call it.
Bharat Pant: The birth of Divyesh would probably be the most important memory of 2002

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